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We are a bunch of food buffs who dream of a world where having soul pleasing food won't be limited to cheat days & haute gourmet gigs. With food that is as real and drooly as “ghar ka khana”, we have reimagined your staples and brought them from farms to thy fork smacking you with a punch of flavours with every freakin’ bite.

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We are

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Not just salads and sandwiches

Our flavour-forward menu has redefined the boundaries of health-food. Each item is thoughtfully handcrafted, be it our brown rice and quinoa meals, healthy pastas, wheat momos or charcoal burgers. Our food is exactly what your soul craves.

Health with a side of foodgasm

Show of hands, how many of you have had perfectly cooked brown rice or quinoa, or multigrain bread baked just right? Our scratch-kitchens run round the clock to serve fitter & more organic food choices with bursts of flavours in each bite.

Healthy eating shouldn’t be a luxury

Imagine a place you casually visit wearing flip-flops, have the most wholesome food, and leave without any guilt in your gut or your budget. Sounds pretty healthy right!😉 Our spread has something in store for each one of y’all.



As a fitness coach, I love nutriobox as a healthy choice for my workout meals. I love the wide variety of the menu they offer and the balance in taste and nutritional value is simply amazing and creditworthy 💛

— Palak Sachdeva


Its been a yr I have been regular at NutrioBox Janakpuri and don't trust anybody else for my post workout meals! Some weeks even my cheat meals are here as my fav picks from the menu are so splendidly tasty. But no doubt their ingredient picks and procedures at their kitchen are a big thumbs up 👍🏻

— Sankalp Soni

Choose your 




Split between eggs, wheat pancakes or granola, we serve it all!


Savouring the Italian palate, serving choicest Pasta sauces prepped in our scratch kitchen from fresh herbs & ingredients!

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Bringing Freshest & 100% organic Hydroponic produce to your salad bowls.


Always aspiring to be more than just a salad bar, we're proud of our brown rice and quinoa post-workout meals.


Our proudest offerings from grilled meats to lebanese, wheat momos & much more!

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Its our Rainbow spectrum of colourful and refreshing juices, smoothies & zero fat coolers.


Baking Fresh and crusty multigrain whole-wheat Paninis, Focaccias, Charcoal Burgers, Pitas & Tortillas.


Savour our hand crafted desserts to let us know if we could make guilt-free indulgence even a thing!

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