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Our Core

Eat Passionately

We believe healthy eating isn’t about eating barely but about eating right. A plate filled wholly with goodness is better than a plate half-empty. Our wholesome meals are created to prosper your passion for eating and ours for making them. Our commitment is to ensure that you eat with passion and every plate is full of the NUTRIOBOX promise.

With better food comes better living

Our daily agenda is to cook food that's organic, relevant and consciously prepped. Be it our multigrain breads made from freshly kneaded dough, Garden Green Thai Curry paired with organic brown rice, and the well-massaged kale Caesar salad topped with buttery parmesan are a few examples of guilt-free food that make life feel better.

Popular Favourites, Reimagined

Tired of the same take on momos and gourmet burgers? Our forward thinking culinary team has recreated your favourite classics such as whole wheat momos, grilled chicken and charcoal burgers, in a much healthier and cleaner way. It’s food that makes you burp with satisfaction!

Farm To Fork

We realise the need for sourcing with integrity, and go to great lengths to ensure what we serve is truly organic. Partnering with growers and vendors who share the same ideology, helps us deliver "healthy, fresh & tasty" food, from farms to thy fork. Each ingredient is picked ethically & goes into signature dishes which makes eating out exquisite & most importantly, daily relevant.




starts with you

It's an exciting tale, our journey! Beginning with an idea to meet the needs of the existing generations, to becoming a part of their lives, we found ourselves and became much more than just a plain vanilla cafe.

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An Idea over a pint

Nutriobox was introduced to the city, redefining the boundary of health food and reached the fastest first 1000 orders on Zomato.

Group 93.png
Rohini Landscape .jpg

From a takeaway, we grew into a dine-in

The overwhelming response we received, helped us become a 20-seater cafe encouraging us to give our 7000+ customer base a better experience.

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Kkd landscape .HEIC

Saying Hi to other Delhi peeps

The people of East (Karkardooma) & West Delhi (Janakpuri) for the very first time got a taste of Nutriobox’s notorious momos, and haven’t recovered since.

Group 95.png
shivalik mural image.jpg

Joined forces with growers

To adopt a more organic, fresh and local-friendly practice, we clubbed with numerous farms to source our raw ingredients with integrity.

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Shivalik landscape .jpg

Dropped in two new pins with a more inclusive menu

At the dawn of the year, we hit the streets of Dwarka & Shivalik, and our ever-evolving menu saw its first growth with vegan & keto meals.

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